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Ecological Engineering Group brochure [download (PDF, 807KB)

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On-Site Systems

Massachusetts Title 5 System Repairs

Zero-Discharge and Advanced Systems for Restricted Sites

Strategic Permitting

Cluster, Community and Village Systems

Advanced Secondary Ecological System for a Town Center

Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment for a Housing Development

Institutional and Environmental Showcase Systems

Advanced Tertiary Treatment for Industrial Use

Environmental Showcase of Ecological Water and Wastewater Management

Island/Coastal Resorts & Remote Solutions

Rainwater Collection, Composting Toilets and Graywater Systems for Resorts

Nonpolluting Low-Tech Wastewater Solutions



Wastewater-Cleaning Sculpture

Ecologically Filtered Natural Pool System


Specific Systems & Technologies

Stormwater/rainwater systems

Graywater systems

[brochure (PDF, 1.2MB)]

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